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At ICS - Insurance Claim Services, Inc. we provide comprehensive full adjustment and basic task assignment claim services. 

Flood, General Liability Claims in Clayton, CA

Claims Adjusting
We offer unparalleled claims adjusting and investigation services for the following business entities:

•  Insurance Companies
• Third Party Administrators
• Self-Insured Risk Companies

• Legal Firms

Property & General Liability
Our personnel are highly experienced with a focus in property, and property related general liability claims. We have experience representing clients with the following types of claims:

• Commercial Claims
• Builder's Risk
• Construction Defect Losses
• Manufacturing Losses
• Pollution
• Utilities
• Inland Marine
• Crime- employee dishonesty
• Farm

• Agricultural -
    Wine claims: Manufacturing, inventory, spoilage, leak / spill, contamination, storage facilities, cargo, market evaluation, salvage.
    Crop: in ground / Production, Product Recall, Contamination, etc.
• Property Related GL Claims

• Catastrophe Services
• Dispute Resolution - Umpire/ Appraisal/ Mediation services
• Expert  Witness – Property Claims – Coverage / Damage Valuation / Claim Handling Procedures

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